For bespoke Curtains or blinds, please use the form below to provide us with your measurements and we will get back to you with a free quote. If you are unsure of design and you need our help choosing colours, designs and what will suit your home as well as a home visit, this will be at an extra charge.

If you need help with measurements please see our 'How to measure' page and please make sure you include the following;

For Curtains

  • Width of the track or pole or width of the window for curtains that have no track or pole up. Please allow a minimum of 20cm each side for stack.
  • Drop of the window. This is the measurement from the track or bottom of the ring on a pole to where ever you want the curtain to finish (Sil, below sil, floor or puddle overlong) 
  • The fabric you've chosen, as this will have a big impact on the price.
  • Which heading you would like, if you are unsure please take a look at our 'Curtain heading' page.
  • Whether you would like them standard lined, lined and interlined, Blackout lined or blackout and interlined.
  • Whether you would like our fitting service.

For Blinds

  • Whether you would like a Roman blind, Wooden Venetian Blind, Aluminium Venetian Blind, Roller Blind or Vertical Blinds.
  • Whether its a straight window or bay window, if bay, how many window sections you have.
  • Width of the window
  • Drop of the window 
  • Whether you'd like it inside or outside recess
  • Which fabric you've chosen
  • Whether you would like it Standard Lined, Lined & Interlined, Blackout lined or Blackout & Interlined
  • Whether you would like to use our fitting service (this will be quoted separately on the estimate)