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Our Candles are all 100% Natural vegetable wax. This eliminates any harsh chemicals, including paraffin, that you may breathe in with other candles. People have become more conscious of the possible drawbacks of petroleum wax and benefits of natural vegetable wax.
Our candles are all hand poured into recycled glass then boxed in recycled cardboard and are never tested on animals. This makes them environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products which is a main focus of ours.

Sizes available:
9cl votive - Burn time approximately 30 hours H6 x W5cm
30cl Votive - Burn time approximately 50-60 hours H9.5 x W7.5cm
  • Burn cleanly hardly any soot produced
  • Fine quality fragrances
  • Long burning times
  • Made in Britain
  • Eco friendly
  • Cotton wicks used