Welcome to our online store!


After what seems forever we have finally made the jump from our retail store and made it online, we admit it has taken us longer than anticipated but to be fair there is only two of us!

A little introduction to Ambience Home, we are a little family run business run by a mother and daughter team. When I mean little, I really do mean little! We have a lovely retail store in the heart of Carshalton Beeches in Surrey and it's our proud little venture! We're not into this corporate 'must be ridiculously professional' stance that some companies take, we like the fun, laid back, come and have a chat with us, friendly approach but don't worry, this won't affect any service we just means you can send us emojis and smiley faces and we'll probably send one back!

We've had numerous customers saying how nice it is to walk through the doors of our shop and feel complete calmness come over them. It's a very chilled shop with lots of quirky pieces to feast your eyes upon. We are very lucky with most of our customers, we quite literally do have the best! 

It's coming up to Christmas so this means that our shop turns into a sparkling, decorated, fairy lighted (I know not a word!) magical place full of Christmas decorations and gifts.

We are starting slow on this website, over time more and more will be placed online for sale but you guys will need to bare with us as we are completely new to this online thing and will need to get used to how the process will work so please please be nice to us :) after all our favourite saying is to 'Have courage and be kind' (yes we are Disney fans!) We're doing the courage bit by opening up our little chop to the rest of the country and it's up to you guys to do the kind bit.

Anyway, we're also new to this blog thing so I hope there aren't 'blog rules' that I haven't kept to and I hope I didn't bore you too much.

Much love